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Welcome to Kalya

Kalya combines the subtle power of aromatherapy with a passion for natural health and well-being for the whole family.

Making use of only the finest locally-sourced essential oils and creams, the Kalya range supports the maintenance of good health. Cream-based Kalya products use a Soil Association approved organic cream base free from parabens and petrochemicals that absorbs beautifully into the skin. Oil-based Kalya products use almond oil with wheatgerm as a completely natural preservative. These products are available throughout the UK online and in selected retail outlets.

The Kalya range of products make for ideal, uplifting and natural gifts perfect for any occasion.

The current range includes Mood, Soothe and Easy products and the new Kalya Revive.

“Healing is when we align with nature’s rhythm. I am passionate about using natural and simple blends to support your well-being. Good health.” - Tanya

Disclaimer/Terms of Service: Aromatherapy is not an alternative to medical practice and is best used as part of a holistic care programme. Kalya products or the information provided via Kalya
are not a substitute for the advice of a doctor or other suitably qualified health professional. If you have a medical condition, or think you may have, please seek medical advice.